These encounters are perfect for friends, couples, besties and family (entire families or siblings or parent and child etc). 

Milestone Occasions

These are celebratory in nature and the central theme being "get excited!" Each guest gets a 30 minute one-on-one General Encounter where the person chooses a focus area accompanied by a question to help bring clarity to a situation. These are designed for groups of 5 - 10 and guests can choose to have the session at the event or as a scheduled separate Encounter.

Includes but not limited to: 


Hen/Bachelor parties


Baby showers. 

Duration + cost depends on number of guests and manner in which encounters are conducted | POA 

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Family Encounters 

Family Generational Healing

Includes a pre and post family session and a one-on-one with each family member to gain full context and understanding in order to devise the best approach to healing the family unit. We clear any and all curses, traumas, unhealthy paradigms and patterns and devise a guide to help the family navigate the future without all the obstacles that previously got in the way

Group Encounters: 2 - 3 hours

One-on-ones: 30 - 60 minutes

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This is for couples (married + non-married) that are facing challenges that are spiritual in nature, especially couples where one or both are "called" to serve. This Encounter is also good for couples who believe themselves to be under spiritual attack. 

There are many couples who don't necessarily want to go through extended periods of counseling and would rather get to the root cause sooner rather than later; this Encounter is perfect for that. This is a very frank encounter where nothing is sugar coated but also full of love and respect. 

We look at the soul purpose of the relationship and devise a healing plan to help couples heal and restore unity to the relationship. There is a pre and post Encounter with both parties and a one-on-one with each person in between.

Pre + post - 2 hours & One-on-one - 60 minutes each | R 5 000

Available online or in person

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